Munroe K

Munroe K, which owns the White Rose Office Park in the south of Leeds is building a state of the art carbon positive building – Y Leeds inside the White Rose Office Park that will house FiNexus Labs along with sufficient office spaces available for industry and SME to work alongside cutting edge product development and research. The council has decided to build a brand new train station at White Rose Office Park with direct connectivity to Leeds city and Manchester. Based on recent developments, Munroe K is planning to build an entire digital city on the neighbouring 72 acres of land. This is probably the most exciting project in the north of UK.


Zerado is a boutique process consultancy, tapping into an unserved niche of the market. This involves identifying and rectifying core process issues within the business environment of 2017. It accomplishes this task with tools such as Blockchain, Cryptography, Internet of Things, and Cyber-defence. However, instead of rattling out new and fashionable buzzwords, it focuses squarely on the reasons why a business was unable to adopt these internally – and use these insights to guide to a solution. Zerado will be working with the users of FiNexus Labs to offer support in the space of cryptography – both technical and business.

Singularity University (SU)

Singularity University is a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges out of Silicon Valley.

At Singularity University, it is believed that leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will set us on the path to solve our global grand challenges and shift from an era of scarcity to abundance. There are twelve global grand challenges (GGCs).

In addressing each GGC, SU solves for the following three perspectives:
Ensuring basic needs are met for all people Sustaining and improving quality of life
Mitigating future risks

SU will run UK Grand Challenge in collaboration with FiNexus Labs.